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B Beautiful


Tai Chi Workshops

Posture Workshop

4th or 11th September 2022

11am - 1pm / 2pm til 4pm 

Location -  Hinckley

When I am privileged to have the use of my training academy in Hinckley for the day, this is an ideal location to offer a posture workshop due to carefully positioned mirrors to be able to see for yourself how you stand and sit. Using a plum line to see how your posture should be.. This is followed by advise on how to correct and adapt for everyday life and to help with your stances.

Working with a small group of 3 or 4 maximum per workshop this is interactive with information to take away to refer to.

We have a short break then

we finish with a bespoke Qigong session to relax and unwind

£35 based on 4 people

£47 based on 3 people

Free parking outside the Academy on a Sunday or very near by

To book contact me on 07754 256116

Stances Workshop

4th or 11th September 2022

11am - 1pm or 2pm til 4pm 

Location - Hinckley 

Again in Hinckley at my training academy, using the mirrors to look more in depth at the stances, grounding and transitioning from one to the other which can help improve Qigong and movement for Tai chi Form and Fan form. This is interactive with me looking at how you stand and move into stances, correcting when possible and  testing your balance as you root and ground in a stance. You will have information to take away with you to refer back to

A short break followed by a bespoke qigong session tailored for the group on the day

£35 based on 4 people

£47 based on 3 people

free parking outside the academy or very near by

To book contact me on 07754 256116

Energy (QI)

To be arranged 

Location - Botanic Gardens , Oadby Leicester.

For those wanting to understand what QI ( energy ) is , how it works to assist you in everyday life and how to use it. 

the relevance of how it is used within Tai Chi Qigong, this is an interactive and informative workshop with information for you  to take away for future reference. 

This will have a short break followed by a bespoke Qigong session to finish 

Location - We do not need mirrors and this can be a larger group so it is likely to be held at Botanic Gardens , Oadby, Leicester. either within Beaumont Hall or outside on a nice day.. 

This may well be on a Sunday either morning or afternoon. depending on demand

2 hrs based on 8 people attending 

£25 per person

Free parking nearby

If you are interested, please get in touch so I can check availability with the venue. 

Crystal Healing Workshop online 

Mondays 7.30pm 

60 - 90 min session

Beginners and Advanced sessions

Working from the comfort of your own home.

For beginners, a list of crystals needed will be sent to you along with websites or ideas where to source what you need. I can help source them for you (with a small fee). You may already have some crystals but don't know how to use them or their healing benefits.

. You will be advised how to care for them and then follow me as I help you familiarise yourself with them and then I guide you through a relaxing treatment using them.

Each Crystal has its own healing property but also represented by colour helps to balance the seven main chakras (energy wheels) in the body. The crystals are yours to keep for future use and further sessions can advance with the option to buy different crystals to use on yourself.

For people with more knowledge, I run a more advanced session

Group session £15.00

One to One £45.00

One to One regular booking £40.00

Beginner  -  Monday 15th August 7.30pm 

As a beginner please book asap so there is time to source the crystals you may need for that session.

Advanced Session -  Monday 1st August 2022 7.30pm 

Advanced Session - Monday 5th September 2022 7.30pm

To book contact me on 07754 256116