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I have been going to BBeautiful since 2000. It started as a luxury treatment, but now I go as a necessity, as I get a lot of complements that my face is not ageing and is always glowing.

I have a monthly Spa Find...youthful anti ageing facial, anti ageing non surgical face lift and waxing. I also have regular sports massage due to old injuries that niggle .Sometimes Caroline uses lava shells depending on what I need at the time.

I had breast cancer in 2003. I was very grateful that I was going to B Beautiful as Caroline’s treatments helped me cope with my ordeal up to the present. The products that she used are all chemical and paraben FREE, and I use them at home as my daily facial and body regime. The non-surgical treatment started after my cancer treatments in 2004, and yes it does work. I have not looked back and my monthly treatments are now part of my healthy living regime.

Caroline is very professional, caring, a good listener. She only uses the best products. The treatment room decor is cosy but not fussy, with relaxing music. Its facilities make it adaptable to all of my needs. I get a one to one service which makes me feel very special. I love her facial movement techniques. I always come away feeling very relaxed and detox free, with my face glowing. I always make sure I book my next treatments well in advance because I enjoy them so much.

Evette Allen

Local Government Officer Leicester

"The BEST massage in Leicester"

Mrs. Rosanna Rodgers. Kibworth, Leicester

I have valued my treatments by Caroline at ‘B Beautiful’ for many years since she was recommended by a colleague who had found her treatments excellent.

Caroline creates individual programmes for relaxation and stress relief which I find very effective. I have had a wide range of treatments over the years from shellac on my toes to lava shell massage with reiki and indian head massage.

The products she uses are of the highest quality which, combined with her wide range of professional skills as a therapist, create an experience which promotes within me a sense of well being.

Mrs. D. Randell Retired Head Mistress of a primary school. Leicestershire

My work as a consultant paediatrician for the NHS is very enjoyable but also very stressful. Caroline of B Beautiful was recommended to me by my physiotherapist in September 2009. Since then I have found her to be extremely professional in her approach, absolutely reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate my wishes and timetable. Her treatments leave me feeling relaxed, rejuvenated (and my friends tell me I look better!). Her salon is scrupulously clean, welcoming and peaceful. I am more than happy to recommend her very warmly.

Dr Fawzia Rahman

Leicester, 26 January 2011

I would like to start by saying I am a man in his 50's, who had never had any beauty treatments in his life.

I was encouraged by my wife to have a trial non-surgical facelift treatment. I was so impressed with the initial result, that I enrolled for the ten, treatment course, and have continued to have the treatment every 3 to 4 weeks for the past 12 years.

Not only has the treatment made me look younger, (I am often mistaken for a man in his early 40’s), but with Caroline’s undoubted skills, she has opened one eye that was shutting with age, and levelled out one side of my upper lip that was turned up due to a long standing gym injury. I can safely say I can’t wait for my passport to expire, so that I can have a better photo. (Goodbye Popeye forever!)

Caroline is a truly pleasant person, who always puts her customers first. She only uses top quality products, and always uses plenty of them when completing her treatments.

Her treatment room is well appointed, with first class facilities. She creates an excellent atmosphere, with both relaxing music and lighting, coupled with adequate warmth.

I can safely say you will not be disappointed if try any of Caroline’s many treatments, (my wife has had many!).

Steve Allen . Retired Civil Servant Leicester

I have known and been visiting Caroline for various treatments for about 20 years now.

over those years I have had facials ,massages ,hot stones ,and still have the non surgical face lift for which I have received many compliments that I do not look my age .

More recently I have had sports massage that Caroline tailors to my specific needs which works well on my knotted shoulder muscles and especially effective with the Hot Lava Shells where the heat is worked into my muscles for an even better result and very relaxing at the same time.

I can also recommend Reiki that I feel Caroline excels at, this I had to calm and relax me to deal with work related stress and also helped to keep me calm prior to an operation.

Another of Caroline's new treatments is the Indian Head massage which is also relaxing and gave me a buzz of energy at the same time.

Caroline is a very skilled therapist and works in a highly professional manner, friendly,caring and a good listener and always tries to accommodate all requests for appointments. I cant imagine not having my 3 weekly treatments, they make me feel so rejuvenated and relaxed.

Michelle, Oadby , Leicester 2016

After hurting my lower back at work, I was recommended by a friend to see Caroline. After a couple of sports massages and certain exercises, I was back to normal. Being self employed, I didn't want too much time off work so seeing Caroline avoided this. If I get any aches or pains due to work or sport I play, I can contact her and get booked in very quickly to help. Caroline is excellent at what she does and I can highly recommend her .

Matt Brown . Heating Engineer. Leicester 2016